Wednesday, January 15, 2020

9/11 Security Easures Essay

1.What impact did the events of 9/11 have on your sense of security/vulnerability? The events of September 11th brought a harsh reality to light. I remember sitting home thinking this wasn’t real and when I finally did catch on and see this was really happening I was overcome with fear. I wasn’t sure if we as a nation were safe or what would happen next. I kept saying to myself â€Å"How they can say they are here to protect us and this happens?† 2. Do you agree or disagree with the U.S. response to the attacks? I partially agree partially with the United States’ response to the attacks in terms of security measures and then the other part of me just shakes my head and wonder what it is the people in charge are thinking. I feel that with such high powered branches of government and security that the events of 9/11 should have never taken place. I appreciate the higher security to an extent at the airport but then it shouldn’t have taken such a tragic event for them have such high security measures in place then on the other side of the scope it’s inconvenient for everyone else involved to have to adjust to new procedures when the government dropped the ball. Going to war wasn’t the answer at all to punish someone for taking lives we go takes lives of their nation by risking the lives of more people from ours†¦I’m extremely confused with this practice. See more: Strategic Management Process Essay †¢Which aspects of the U.S. response do you feel have been most successful and effective? None of them, even with more security efforts in place it has only made a bigger issue arise in the process some are harassed more than others because of nationality I have been with Arabian and Egyptian friends at the airport and have had to wait longer with them as they were drilled about what part of the U.S they were going to questions about the birthplaces of their parents and even their own birthplaces. Is this what we have reduced ourselves down to? †¢Which aspects of the U.S. response do you feel have been least effective or even counter-productive? War period †¢Do you feel safer now than they did after 9/11? Why or why not? I still feel the same no one is safe not here in the U.S and not those outside our country the response to the 9/11 attacks goes against everything being an American is about. †¢What areas of vulnerability do you think have not been addressed that should be? The vulnerability of our people to depend on each other and the government to support us, provide us with a sense of security/protection, and to give us a voice to be heard to say what actions are taken in such tragic events. †¢Do you agree or disagree with the term â€Å"War on Terrorism?† Do you think the â€Å"war† will ever be â€Å"won†, and all terrorist threats completely eliminated? If you disagree on the term, what would you suggest as an alternative? I strongly disagree with the term â€Å"war on Terrorism†! This war will never end there will always be someone somewhere who doesn’t agree with the practices of another individual, group, or country. This comes from â€Å"societies† teachings of making one group more superior than the other until that cycle alone is broken there will be a new breed of â€Å"terrorists/terrorism† everyday. †¢Do they feel civil liberties, including privacy rights, have been curtailed significantly in the wake of the U.S. response? If so, in what way? Is some curtailment of some civil liberties for some individuals a necessary step, even if not ideal? Doyou agree with the government’s justifications for wiretapping, etc? All in all I actually believe that some civil liberties have in fact been curtailed, however, no matter how you try to turn it you can’t have me say that its’ right. Everyone is entitled to his/her privacy no matter who they are and what they have done before in life. I don’t feel anything justifies the reasoning behind the government wanting to use wiretapping or video surveillance to pry into the personal lives of any individual I understand that this helps to stop these so called terrorists but then again it’s a way for the government to bully people by taking their private feelings and using them against them. †¢Do you agree with holding captured suspects indefinitely, without charge? Or do you think suspects should enjoy due process and be tried in civilian courts? I think everyone should be given the right to due process and how can you hold someone indefinitely without charging them of something in my mind that would be kidnapping/false imprisonment and that’s preposterous! †¢What are your thoughts on secret prisons, extraordinary rendition, and the Enemy Combatants at Guantanamo Bay? Secret prisons†¦somewhere I can take someone and do anything imaginable to them and they either not return or comeback badly beaten yet have no proof of where they were when this happened which means no evidence and possibly they don’t even see the person who does the harm to them. Where is the fairness/justice in this the government justifies their inhumane treatment of others with the word â€Å"terrorism†, yet isn’t the government guilty of doing the same thing that we imprison â€Å"serial killers, rapists, etc.† for? The government at first said that no torture went on at Guantanamo Bay that the detainees were only being held for questioning then one person came out and admitted that Mohammed was being tortured there and we expect protection from a government that constantly lies to us. †¢Do you agree with the rationale behind the invasion of either Afghanistan or Iraq or both? There really is no rationale behind it unless you are trying to say that since they came and used our planes to destroy our buildings and kill our people that we have every right to go over to their territory and shoot, bomb, and kill their people. Yea sure that’s very rational indeed let’s go do the same thing they did to us â€Å"that will make it better† †¢Are citizens of other countries at all justified in their negative view of America’s stand in the World? Yes they are America is at war with itself and that only makes the other countries wonder how we could be in power of anything. China has had several problems with dynasty leaders but they rose up as a people to overcome that. America has problems and they branch of into several groups screaming for the spotlight without any real answers to the problems here everyone wants to be right where in other places it’s about simply getting better than what they are currently dealing with a chance for growth. Something America has forgotten about.

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